2018 – INFINITI QX80   

Infiniti chose the Dubai 2017 Show to present the new Infiniti QX80 2018 internationally. Something logical given that Dubai – like the other United Arab Emirates – will be one of the main markets for Nissan’s premium brand model. The SUV of great size is renewed inside and out. All changes come to reinforce its image of exclusivity. Anticipated by the Infiniti QX80 Monograph Concept , the revamped QX80 comes with a stronger and stronger print. It appears with a revised look, adopting a more prominent grid, new stylized headlights with LED technology, as well as new air intakes. All this seasoned with details and chrome finishes. At the rear of the Infiniti QX80 2018, the major changes from the current model can be summarized in new lanterns in a thinner shape and joined by a chrome trim, the bumper has been redesigned as well as the rear cover. The roof spoiler tries to give the sporty touch in the design of the rear of the new QX80. As a standard, the new Infiniti SUV will use new 20-inch wheels, though optionally 22-inch wheels. The longitudinal roof rails and side bolsters are another of the highlights of the new Infiniti QX80. In terms of interior, the interior of the new QX80 follows the current model line and virtually no changes, although the truth is that Infiniti has strived to create a more welcoming and elegant. To this end, new wood inserts and new carpets have been added. The Infiniti QX80 2018 also benefits from an instrument panel in which some adjustments have been made, such as the arrival of the latest version of the brand infotainment system. The multimedia system for the rear seats debuts larger screens. Under the hood of the new QX80 hides a 5.6-liter V8 engine with 405 hp and 559 Nm of maximum torque, which comes coupled with a seven-speed automatic transmission. It will be available with a full traction system and later the Japanese brand will introduce – in certain markets – a V6 engine as an option to access the line.


Despite his short career, the preparer Larte Design quickly became one of the most relevant companies in the tuning and car preparation sector. What was once a small company specializing in the modification of Infiniti cars, nowadays have a wide catalog of packages of improvements for such relevant brands as Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Tesla. A few months ago Larte Design showed an anticipation of the new project in which it was working. The main protagonist was none other than the new Infiniti QX80. The refurbished luxury SUV that Infiniti markets both in the United States and other markets where this type of vehicle is widely accepted will be the subject of extensive work by the preparer. Larte Design has now unveiled the new Infiniti QX80 after receiving all the changes included in its setup program. The result draws attention, as the new QX80 loses its stylized, elegant and affable image to take on a more sinister, aggressive and sporting look. A great contrast if you take into account the size of the vehicle. The new LR5 enhancement package for the Infiniti QX80 consists primarily of a complete body kit where a new grille appears that shows the preparer’s emblem, new bumper and a new lower splitter. In the large side air intakes are integrated LED lights that will be intermittent. The antinebline headlights also undergo changes. In addition to the new bumper, the QX80 now has two visible exhaust ports. A Remus exhaust system has been installed and new custom alloy wheels also need to be mentioned. As far as the mechanical part is concerned there is no news so that under the hood of the Infiniti QX80 prepared by Larte Design continues the 5.6-liter V8 engine with 405 hp and 559 Nm, coupled with a seven-speed automatic transmission and a total traction. The new LR5 enhancement package from Larte Design is already on sale in the United States with a price starting at perfect fit buick car cover.


Infiniti has unveiled the Prototype 9 Concept, which will be shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance later this week. The model, inspired by the F1 of the late 1940s, is 4,330 mm long, 1,820 mm wide and 910 mm high, being built on the basis of handmade construction methods. It features a ladder-shaped steel chassis and handmade steel body panels. As expected, it has a semi-elliptical suspension and has no power steering. Powered by a 150 hp electric motor, this small 890 kg model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 169 km / h. Although founded in 1989, Infiniti has come up with a way of linking the prototype with the story. To do so, it will be presenting at the same time on Pebble Beach the Prince R380, a competition model from the 1960s, manufactured by Prince Motor Company, considered the first premium manufacturer in Japan. Founded in 1952, this brand, was merged in 1966 with Nissan.

2017 – INFINITI Q60

After presenting the Infiniti Q60 Concept last year at the same fair, Nissan’s premium brand revealed today (11) at the Detroit Motor Show the production version of the model.

The Q60 features a sleek design, revealing a new grille with LED lights that mimic the shape of the human eyelid and a slanted ceiling. The basic version has 19-inch wheels (or 20 as optional), while the sports version features wider rear wheels, contributing to a more aggressive profile and providing better driving. The car has an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.28, benefiting from items such as the Active Shutter Grille, available on all Q60 models, which remains closed most of the time and only open when there is a need to greater cooling. Inside, the brand reveals a bold design with new finishes and modern materials, with aluminum applications. The Sport and Premium versions come equipped with carbon fiber elements. The new premium sound system with 13 speakers signed by Bose makes its world debut as an automotive equipment and was designed specifically for this model. The particularity of this system is that it combines vehicle noise cancellation technology with the standard InTuition central control system.

Active and passive safety technologies include Lane Change Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Intelligent Cruise Control with Remote Control, Active Emergency Brake with Pedestrian Detection and 360 ° Monitor. The Infiniti Q60 Coupe will have three engines available, including the new 3.0-liter V6 block generating 405 hp and 475 Nm of torque (9.4 km / h and 206 g / km of CO2). There will also be a version of 304 hp and 400 Nm (9.8 km / h and 154 g / km of CO2) along with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with 211 hp and 350 Nm of torque (10.2 km / l 154 g / km CO2). All engines are coupled to an optimized seven-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the rear axle or to the two axles (Intelligent All-Wheel Drive). The AWD is synchronized for greater stability under low-grip conditions, delivering 50:50 of the torque between the front and rear wheels in the standard configuration. It can also send 100% to the rear axle if needed. There is also the option of two suspension systems, with emphasis on Dynamic Digital, standard on the Q60 Sport level, for ‘better answers and agility’. Electronically adjustable dampers can be placed in Sport or Sport + modes and adjusted through the Drive mode selector. Nissan should start marketing the new Infiniti Q60 Coupe later this year.


Infiniti, the Premium division of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, will present at the Geneva Motor Show a spectacular study of the Q60. With the designation Infiniti Q60 Project Black S comes a beautiful conceptual model that indicates the possibility of a new sports line within the Japanese brand. This project is the result of collaboration between Infiniti and the French Formula One team, Renault Sport, and seeks to research the application of energy recovery technology used by the French F1 team in a street sport. The model has a hybrid propulsion system specifically designed for use on the road, which greatly improves the performance of the model. The brand has not disclosed any data or specifications in this regard, so it will be necessary to wait for your presentation in Geneva to know all its details. They just confirmed that the model has a hybrid propulsion system that has an ERS energy recovery system, derived from what Renault Sport uses in F1. It is designed to increase power and torque, with an instantaneous result and immediate acceleration. For now, we can fully see the spectacular exterior of the concept, which receives an impressive aerodynamic kit that completely transforms the conservative original model. On the front we only recognize the grille and optical groups, as the original bumper disappears to give way to a new one with aggressive air intakes. The prominent wheel arches and the muscular profile take us to a completely transformed rear, culminating with huge central exhaust flaps flanked by elaborate rear diffusers, and the top, an original airfoil, which opens to the ends forming a double plane .

2017 – INFINITI QX30

Infiniti introduced the QX30 to the public, a compact crossover made from a Mercedes-Benz platform, used in the GLA. The model that premieres this week at the Los Angeles and Guangzhou Halls, is a crossover version of the Q30, a hatchback, which was the first compact in the history of the brand. Both Nissan’s premium brand models are produced at the Japanese brand’s factory in Sunderland, UK. Infiniti believes that the new model, which will go on sale from the second half of next year, could leverage sales in Europe and especially China – where this segment has grown exponentially. The goal is to please young customers and fight with proposals like the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA. Infiniti believes that the Q30 and QX30 together could represent sales of 60,000 cars / year, half of them in Europe. The QX30 has a ground clearance 30 mm higher than the Q30 Premium and 45 mm higher than the Q30 Sport, with a total height of 1,530 mm. The QX30 features 5mm thicker wheel arches, different front grille and standard roof bars. The engines have not yet been confirmed, but the QX30 is expected to use the same Q30 engines, ie a 1.6 and a further 2.0 petrol, a 2.2 diesel of Mercedes-Benz origin and a 1.5 diesel of Renault origin. All models are expected to have standard all-wheel drive and dual-clutch seven-speed transmission. The Japanese brand has regulated the running behavior of the model, including stiffer springs and a new stabilizer bar at the rear. Infiniti also reports that it has specifically worked on the acoustic insulation of the new model. In technological terms, the QX30 comes equipped with a 360 ° vision system, adaptive cruise control and parking aid, plus a 7-inch screen. Infiniti sales increased 16% in the first ten months of this year, reaching 173 thousand units. The main market of the brand continues being the United States, with 106,700 units, followed by China with 32,200 vehicles.

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